Rich in the blessings of the Yatsugatake Mountains and an outstanding location

At the foot of the Yatsugatake and Southern Alps mountains, the city of Hokuto in Yamanashi Prefecture boasts the longest sunshine hours in Japan.

How about trying blueberries grown in this land of mountains, with its delicious air, water, and the blessings of the sun?

At SHIZEN Blueberry Farm, you can enjoy blueberry picking while overlooking these famous peaks.

Pesticide-free cultivation and a wide variety

SHIZEN Blueberry Farm currently cultivates about 700 blueberry plants (including those in seedling stage) of approximately 20 varieties.

We grow them without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, using cultivation methods that bring out the natural power of blueberries as much as possible. Please enjoy freshly picked blueberries with peace of mind.

Cultivation method

We cultivate blueberries using the "dokonjo cultivation" method advocated by Mr. Sadatsuo Ezawa of Ezawa Fruit Land in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. Without watering at all after planting, we only give a small amount of organic fertilizer. By promoting growth through pruning, the inherent power of blueberries is brought out, creating sweet and delicious blueberries.

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