SHIZEN Blueberry Farm

3040 Gochoda, Takanecho, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0017

Phone: 090-1250-9584

*Please search for "SHIZEN Blueberry Farm" on Google Maps to find us. The exact location may not be displayed when entering the address.

By car:

  • From the Chuo Expressway: Less than 5 minutes from the Nagasaka IC, about 20 minutes on local roads from the Kobuchizawa IC.
  • From the Shuto Expressway: About 1 hour and 45 minutes from the Takaido IC.

Parking spaces: 10 cars

By highway bus:

1.4 kilometers from "Chuo Expressway Nagasaka Takane" (20-minute walk)

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村