Blueberries are all-you-can-eat?

Yes, they are all-you-can-eat.

There is no time limit, so please enjoy to your heart's content. However, it is hot, so please be careful about heatstroke!

Do I need a reservation?

It is okay to come without a reservation, but there may be times when staff are not available, so we recommend making a reservation by phone or through the website here.

What kind of clothing is recommended?

For sun protection and to prevent heatstroke, we recommend wearing a hat and long sleeves. While your feet won't get muddy, they might get wet from rain or morning dew, so we recommend wearing sneakers or boots. Also, having a handkerchief or sweat towel is a good idea.

Are there bugs?

Since we grow without pesticides, there are various insects. Most are harmless if you don't touch them, but if you are bitten or stung, please notify a staff member.

Is the farm open when it rains?

We are open in light rain, but we will close if heavy rain or a typhoon is forecasted. In such cases, we will notify you in advance on our website and Instagram.

Can I bring my own drinks?

We provide cold tea here, but please bring your own drinks and take precautions against heatstroke.

Are there toilets?

We apologize for the inconvenience. There are toilets, but they are temporary and not very comfortable. We recommend using the facilities beforehand. We plan to install new toilets next year.

Is there parking?

There is space for about 10 cars.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed. Please be mindful of the blueberry plants and keep your pet on a leash.

Can I use credit cards or PayPay?

We accept credit cards and various QR code payments.

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